Our mission is to help leading-edge, technology-driven companies achieve their business objectives by bridging gaps in expertise, experience or staffing.

Senior Executives

Creating a new product? Entering a new market?

1024tm can help:

  • Market analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Partnerships & alliances
  • Leadership & mentoring


Starting a new venture? Validating your idea?

1024tm can help:

  • Business strategy
  • Product validation
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Investor pitches


Looking to supplement the capabilities of your team?

1024tm can help:

  • Core content generation
  • Product marketing programs
  • Thought leadership initiatives
  • Influencer engagement


Selling a new product? Selling into a new market?

1024tm can help:

  • Identifying prospects
  • Sales tools & training
  • Business development
  • Channel enablement

Why 1024tm?

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