Consulting services

Bridging gaps

Depending on your company’s needs, a consulting engagement with 1024tm could span multiple strategic and tactical objectives. Our goal is to help you achieve success by bridging gaps in your ability to plan or execute due to budget, schedule, staffing or organizational constraints.

Client engagements

Client engagements typically involve initiatives in one or more of these areas:

Market readiness

  • Market research & competitive analysis
  • Market segmentation & key use cases
  • Value proposition refinement & validation
  • Positioning & messaging development

Marketing content

  • Product & solutions overviews
  • Data sheets and white papers
  • Customer success stories
  • Website structure & content

Go-to-market strategy

  • Launch planning & tracking
  • Marketing content roadmap
  • Campaign & program development
  • PR & influencer strategies

Sales enablement

  • Sales tool development
  • Sales training & support
  • Channel marketing programs
  • Inside sales programs


We provide a cost-effective way to invest in the product marketing function, especially when it is hard to find people with the right mix of multidisciplinary skills and industry experience. In larger organizations, we can also serve as a central point of contact to improve coordination and communication between your product, marketing and sales teams.

Dedicated resources

We can execute resource-intensive projects that your existing team doesn’t have the cycles or expertise to tackle, such as in-depth market analysis, developing a TCO/ROI business case or supporting participation in industry events.

Industry focus

We are confident engaging clients across a broad spectrum of technology-driven markets, but can offer domain-specific knowledge and expertise in the following market and technology sectors.

Enterprise Hybrid Multi-Cloud

  • Virtualized cloud-scale services
  • SaaS applications & SD-WANs
  • Intent-based networking & automation
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Network monitoring & analytics

Big Data Analytics

  • Machine learning and AI
  • Predictive analytics
  • Real-time streaming analytics
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
  • Commercial products
  • Open source projects

Internet & Cloud

  • Public cloud services
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Content distribution networks
  • Video streaming
  • Public WiFi networks

Internet of Things

  • Sensors & devices
  • Network connectivity
  • IoT platforms
  • Healthcare IoT
  • Industrial IoT
  • IoT analytics

Network Service Providers

  • Virtualized network services
  • 5G & mobile edge computing
  • Unified communications
  • Telco analytics
  • OSS/BSS transformation

Network Security

  • Network security tools
  • Packet flow visibility
  • Microsegmentation
  • Software-defined security
  • SIEM & security analytics
  • DDoS attack mitigation

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